It’s Food Truck Season! How to Keep Your Food Truck in Tip Top Shape

It’s Food Truck Season! How to Keep Your Food Truck in Tip Top Shape

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, it’s food truck season! With summer in full effect, you are guaranteed to see a food truck on the corner of every block with it’s line down curving the street. With the popularity and high demand of these food trucks, Berk International has the products any food truck chef needs to ensure your customers have an enjoyable, delicious and clean experience! 

Keep Your Food Fresh
The first best friend of any food truck chef is our unique Chef’s Select® Food Fresh Liners! These liners, which are sold only at Berk International, absorb moisture and stop the buildup of steam condensation inside takeout food containers. Each box consists of individual liners, and each disposable liner has two adhesive strips that secure to the inner lid of any size takeout container. No matter how big or small your container is, our Food Fresh Liners are guaranteed to keep your food in absolutely perfect condition for your customers on the go. 

These liners help to preserve taste and prevent food from becoming soggy and wet, ensuring that your food is as delicious as it would be if you were eating it moments after receiving it! Aside from preserving the food’s taste, our liners can also remove damaging moisture that could build up as well as prolong the freshness of produce, veggies and salads. 

In addition to takeout boxes, these liners can be used in ANY containers to keep your food intact, delicious and tasty! Not only are these liners a Food Truck chefs best friend, they are also a customers best friend. Our Food Fresh Liners keep everyone happy by keeping your food clean and tasty! 

Food Service Towels
Our Chef’s Select® Food Service Towels are the second best friend of any food truck chef! Our popular line of food service towels have a wide array of uses. Our towels can be used on cooking areas, prep areas, bars, table tops and much more! They come in color coded boxes, making it easy and efficient to manage cross contamination. The strength and absorbency of our towels makes it ideal for any food truck owner looking to save money over woven towels. 

Our incredible Food Service Towels help stop the spread of E. coli and other food borne illnesses that can often occur, especially inside of a food truck, or around it. The CDC estimates that 265,000 E. coli infections occur each year in the United States. The beauty of these towels is that they help to keep the truck, both the inside and outside, mess free! 

At Berk International, we’re here to ensure that your food truck experience is as clean, safe and delicious as possible! For more information on our Food Fresh Liners and Food Service Towels, check out our website or contact us at 610-369-0600 for more assistance! 


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