Why Hospitals Should Use Disposable Washcloths

Why Hospitals Should Use Disposable Washcloths

Sanitary maintenance in healthcare facilities is crucial to promote healthy hygiene, combat infections and reduce bacteria, and luckily, disposable washcloths and wet wipes can help with all of the above! From using disposable washcloths for cleaning entire hospital facilities to nurses using wet wipes for cleaning areas around patients, disposable cleaning products are the best ones to use to keep healthy hospital hygiene at a maximum and bacteria at a minimum. The intelligent wiping solutions experts at Berk International have come up with three reason for why disposable washcloths and wet wipes are the best solutions for healthcare facilities.

Increase Sanitation, Decrease Skin Irritation
Protecting the patient and keeping them as healthy as possible is the number one priority for hospitals. The best to achieve this? By using disposable washcloths instead of reusable washcloths. Not only are disposable washcloths more sanitary and healthier for patients overall, but they have also been proven to decrease skin deterioration.

Prevent Healthcare-Associated Infections
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Healthcare-Associated Infections, commonly referred to as HAIs, occur in approximately 1 in 31 hospital patients. To prevent HAIs, having hospital cleaning staff use disposable wipes 100% of the time can be a huge help. Not only will this benefit the hospital’s hygiene and help prevent HAIs, but it can also help improve the cleaning staff’s performance.

Wipe Away Unnecessary Laundering Costs
Between cleaning staff using rags to clean a healthcare facility and other hospital staff needing to clean areas around patients throughout the day, the need to launder reusable washcloths and rags can cost a pretty penny. With disposable wiping materials, there is no need to have them laundered, so money will not have to be wasted on a laundry service. So stop wasting money on getting reusable washcloths laundered and start using disposable wipes and washcloths!

Whether you’re looking to make the switch from reusable to disposable washcloths or are looking to replace the ones you’re using with better quality products, Berk International has you covered! Contact us today to learn how we can help decrease unhealthy bacteria and increase hygiene in your hospital facility!

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