Prevent Germs and the Flu This Season with the Right Products

Prevent Germs and the Flu This Season with the Right Products

Ahhh, September—a time for crisp fall mornings, children going back to school, the pumpkin spice craze and germs! Yes, the dreaded flu season is upon us and this year, experts are saying that the nasty virus could be particularly bad. While flu season normally starts in October, this year health experts are advising people to get vaccinated early as a preventative measure. Because flu germs can spread before symptoms appear, and you can infect others a week before you become ill, the flu is a particularly fast-spreading virus. At Berk International, we’re sharing some tips and products that can help keep you and your office space germ-free and healthy this flu season!

Combat Germs Easy as 1, 2, 3

If you’re a teacher or school administrator, this time of the year can be especially tricky. Before flu season starts, take the time to emphasize the importance of washing your hands with your children. A couple of other useful tips are:

  • If you sneeze or cough, be sure to always cover your mouth. It’s believed that the flu germ is spread through droplets from the nose and mouth, so cover up! While it may be tough to teach your kids this habit, you can make it fun and remind them to “Destroy All Bacteria” with this exercise
  • A hands-free dispenser is a great way to prevent the spread of germs in your classroom since children physically do not have to touch the dispenser.
  • Remind your students of the “20 second rule”. According to the CDC, after applying soap and lathering, you should scrub your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds under water to effectively wash away germs. 
  • Keep hand sanitizers stashed throughout your classroom for quick and easy use.

Avoid Bringing Germs Home From the Workplace

Just like your kids can bring the flu home from school, you can bring it home from the workplace. So when you hear that first sniffle or sneeze in the workplace, your first reaction may be to panic—not so fast! While office cubes and desks are a breeding ground for germs, here are some ways to effectively avoid them:

  • Keep your distance! If you suspect someone is sick at the workplace, avoid close contact with them.
  • If you’re using tissues, be sure to always throw them away as soon as you’re finished with them and always wash your hands afterwards. 
  • Avoid excessively touching your eyes, nose or mouth. 
  • Wash your hands often and effectively.
  • Stay home. If you’ve come down with the flu, the best thing to do is to stay home to prevent spreading the virus.
  • Keep hand sanitizer at your desk in case you aren’t near a sink.
  • Wipe down your desk area often, because a messy workspace can invite germs and bacteria in.   

Keeping your classroom, office and children free from germs this season is no easy feat, but with the right products from Berk International, you can get the job done! We have all the proper cleaning supplies to keep any space clean and germ free! Contact us today to stock up before flu season. 


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