Set The Bar With Knit Bar Towels

Set The Bar With Knit Bar Towels

We’ve set the bar (literally) high with our delicate Knit Bar Towels! Our Knit Bar Towels are guaranteed to sweep you—and the plethora of germs on your bar and table—off of your feet. Our new towels are designed with the strength and durability to last all day long—no exceptions.

What is so special about the Knit Bar Towel?
We’re here to inform you on one of our hottest cleaning commodities! This delicate and dainty towel is made of a cellulose and polyester blend, stitched like a woven fabric. This gives the wiper strength, stability and an absolutely amazing absorbency with extra low lint. This once in a lifetime top-tier cloth-like towel has a multitude of uses.

From meal prepping, to assisting you in your general wiping and cleaning routines, the Knit Bar Towel can serve you in many ways. Get rid of your dirty rags cause we’re providing you with the perfect option to power through your dirty daily cleaning.

Bacteria Build Up
Whether you realize it or not, bar towels and rags carry around a ridiculous amount of bacteria. The germs on your dirty rags multiply by the minute, and the more they muster up the more likely they are to spread to your skin, ultimately causing infections or irritation (not to mention contamination of all bar and restaurant materials).

No one wants these dusty germs to spread to your body or skin and especially not to the table or bar where you eat your food. Using the Knit Bar Towel will prevent the spread of these germs and keep your cleaning intact and germ free all day long.

Here at Berk International we’ve got your cleaning desires and needs covered! Your cleaning worries are guaranteed to be washed away with our Knit Towels. We’re here to assist your in make your cleaning more efficient.  Stop, drop and discard your rusty rags and buy a box of our durable Knit Bar Towels!

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