Struggling to commit to Spring Cleaning? Here are 6 Neglected Areas of Your Restaurant You Should Clean ASAP

Struggling to commit to Spring Cleaning? Here are 6 Neglected Areas of Your Restaurant You Should Clean ASAP

Keeping your restaurant clean is essential to being successful. If you are not keeping your restaurant up to high standards in terms of cleanliness, you may run into problems with the Health Department which is the last thing your restaurant needs. Here at Berk International we want to bring attention to a few areas of your kitchen you will want to clean that you may not be thinking about!

Can Openers
The first appliance you may not think to clean is your can openers. A lot of the time when you use can openers in your restaurant the remnants of whatever was within the can can be left on the blade and the handle. It’s important to clean the blade and the handle to avoid cross contamination of different foods. Fortunately for you however, can openers are fairly easy to clean! Most can openers can be taken apart easily and placed into the dishwasher.

Soda Fountain Dispenser
Even if your soda fountain is brand new, the nozzle that dispenses the soda can get very gross very quickly. If you have a soda fountain that your employee fill, or your customers do, it can sometimes be hard to see how dirty the nozzle is. The sugary syrup that gets stuck on the nozzle can encourage the growth of unwanted organisms. The cleanliness of your soda dispenser also can make a difference in the quality of taste for your beverages.

Some of the dirtiest objects in a restaurant can be the menus. Whether your menus are  plastic, paper or protected by a bonded material, menus often are not as clean as one may think. Menus are handed from person to person, often without being switched out or cleaned. Did you know germs that can pass a cold or the flu can last on a surface like a menu for up to 18 hours? Well it’s true, which is why it’s so important to keep your menus clean! If you have paper menus, it’s important to replace them as often as you can. If your menus are covered in plastic or vinyl, they should be wiped down as often as possible, at least once a day.

High Chairs and Booster Seats
We all know children are main carriers of germs, but you may not think that where they sit could be that dirty. Although high chairs and boosters come in all different materials and styles, the main focus of cleanliness should be the dining tray. The dining trays must be cleaned between every use, just as a table would be cleaned. However, the actual chair can be cleaned less often, at the end of each night if there is not enough time to clean the seat during the dinner rush.

Ice Makers
Ice machines are hard to clean and can cause big problems for your restaurant. You are supposed to empty and clean your ice bin every day, but if your restaurant is open for long hours, it can be difficult to be opening the following day without any ice. Although a daily cleaning regime for your ice maker might not be possible, a weekly schedule should be put into place. If your ice machine contains a hand scoop, it is pertinent that it is cleaned daily to avoid any cross contamination.

Tabletop Objects
All of the objects on a table can be targets for germs and bacteria. First off, salt and pepper shakers come in contact with hands all day every day. Cleaning the salt and pepper shakers can be difficult because you need two sets in order to switch them out and clean the set previously on the table. Also, the condiment containers on the table can be just as germy. Glass condiment containers host more germs than squeeze bottles, but in order to clean squeeze bottles they need to be emptied and run through the dishwasher instead of just wiping off the top of the bottle.

With all of the dirty areas of your restaurant that may go unnoticed, it’s important to make sure you have the correct products to get your restaurant back up to a high standard. Berk International has all of the products you need to help keep your restaurant clean from the kitchen to the tables. Contact us today at 866-222-BERK for a free quote and more information!   

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