Wedding Wiper: How to maintain the freshest food on your big day

Wedding Wiper: How to maintain the freshest food on your big day

It’s wedding season! Weddings are such a memorable event for everyone involved, thus making a wedding as perfect as possible is very important to the bride and groom. The major decisions such as what the music will be, who will attend, where the wedding will be and what food will be served. Like any party, food plays a major role and finger food is usually always on the shortlist. While finger food is easy and convenient for guests who may be a little bit peckish before the main entrees are ready, it is also a place where germs can be spread very easily. We would like to highlight a few of our products that may help in combating those pesky germs so that everyone at the venue can safely enjoy all the finger food!

AIRLAID Industrial Wipers
These wipers are made of cellulose and binders, which makes this wiper stronger than your average tissue or paper towel. This industrial wiper is good for cleaning up oil, grease, hands and water. These wipes would be great to have on hand near any finger food so that guests can wipe their hands before and after they take their food of choice. Also, it is generally wise to have durable wipes near any food and drinks that may be spilled during the course of the party. 

Chef’s Select® Linen Replacement Napkins
These are disposable paper napkins that have the durability and feel of a regular linen napkin but are a fraction of the cost. The benefit to having disposable napkins is that it cuts down on the spread of germs. Once a guest has used their paper napkin, they can simply throw it away or recycle it and get another one when they need to. With linen napkins, you don’t have this luxury and also germs will stay present on the given napkin until it is thoroughly washed.

Chef’s Select® Food Service Towels
These color coded disposable towels are perfect for food preparation as the color coding can help prevent cross contamination. These towels also use anti-microbial material which prevents the spread of foodborne illnesses such as e coli and salmonella. It’s important to take precautions during the preparation of the food that will be served at a wedding. Sometimes this aspect of food preparation is overlooked and can lead to guests getting seriously ill from any food served at a wedding. 

Chef’s Select® Food Fresh® Liners
These are great for storing any leftover food from a party or wedding. These liners help to maintain the freshness of cleanliness of prepared food while preventing it from getting soggy. These liners also stop the buildup of steam and condensation inside the container that the food is being stored in. Dampness or condensation can sometimes help breed germs, and eliminating it can help prevent this from happening.

These are only a few of the products that we offer that we felt would be helpful in making sure your wedding goes perfectly. Sanitation is often overlooked and thus can be neglected. Food is such a great part to any party and taking the necessary precautions to prepare and present the food is just as important as what type of food is being served. If you have any questions about any of our products, give us a call at (866) 222-BERK or visit our website here! 


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